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Scary Stuff in Real Estate

Leaky Homes

Over the past decade or so, the Leaky Home Syndrome has appeared and has caused absolute havoc – financial ruin, health problems, lives in tatters.
There are certain clues with building styles, materials, etc, and if in any doubt, a Building Inspection by a certified Inspector is paramount before proceeding with a purchase.

Meth Contaminated Properties – P Labs

Another dangerous and potentially very costly situation – the numbers of properties found to be contaminated is increasing dramatically.

Rental properties are the obvious choice for these activities, (they wouldn’t contaminate their own, would they?).

Fortunately, these risks can be managed with a simple test, costs from $115 for a 3 bedroom home, and 14 day report time, a little more for larger properties and / or quicker time. A small price to pay for peace of mind for your family or protection of your investment

When purchasing a property that has been rented, we recommend a test by “ Meth Solutions “

It’s all about risk management.