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Who Will Disrupt Real Estate?

Who Will Disrupt Real Estate?

What is Disruption?

Rapid business change caused by fast technological change or transformation of business models.

Cheap access to cloud computing means businesses don’t have to invest in infrastructure but typically develop app-based models for customers to access goods and services, mainly through smartphones, ipads, etc.
Couple this with the changes in Buyers habits over the last 5 to 10 years…

One, driven by Agents themselves, with buyers now not only preferring, but demanding, to shop at Open Homes, with no need or desire to visit offices, so making the Traditional High Street Office a costly, ineffective, noose around the neck of Traditional Agents

Two, a rapid move away from costly, ineffective Newsprint – here today, gone tomorrow – where to? – Well the internet – since 2008, 176 Newspapers have closed across the USA – their advertisers know where their buyers have gone – to the Net.

Combine these factors, and Real Estate can now be disrupted – for the benefit of the Consumer.
Netzone – we’ve stripped out obsolete and outdated overheads, and we pass the savings on to you –

2.5% Fees up to $500,000, 1% thereafter, plus gst, – and we don’t hit you with costly add ons..