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Myths, Fallacies, and just plain Porkies

Myths, Fallacies, and just plain Porkies

Netzone Real Estate – in Business in Hamilton now for just over a year, and here’s just a few of the irrational and desperate myths, and Porkies, we’ve had told to some of our vendors by several of the Traditional Agents, and their managers, as they try to nullify Netzone, and justify and perpetuate, their old school habits and their 4% fees and add on costs.

‘ Fly by Nighters – They won’t even be around long enough to sell your home ‘

FACT:  We’re listing Homes, we’re Selling Homes, we’re growing, as is our Team of happy vendors – We’re here to stay.

‘ They don’t have the experience we have – you’d be crazy to list with them ‘

 FACT:  The Netzone startup Team has over 50 years combined Hamilton Real Estate experience.

    ‘ They must be desperate to cut their fees ‘

FACT:  We do not cut our fees.  We cut out obsolete and outdated overheads and we pass the savings on to you.

  ‘ Internet marketing doesn’t work – you need to be in the paper ‘

 FACT:  The Nielsen Real Estate Report 2012, found that over 80% of purchasers first and primary source of information for property is via the internet – it is now over 90%.

‘ You need to list with one of Hamiltons Big Three Companies, we work together and you’ll have around 200 salespeople, all with our own buyers, to sell your home ‘

FACT:  The availability of property listings and information on line, and open 24/7, and all homes being ‘ Open ‘, coupled with the preference of buyers to shop at Open Homes has now eliminated the old concept of Buyers being ‘ Loyal ‘ to one Agent.

 This is the precise set of circumstances which now opens the door for change – change for the better.