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Hamilton Real Estate – The Slices get smaller

Hamilton Real Estate – The Slices get smaller

Hamilton Real Estate – A Smaller slice of the Pie….

As we head into the dark of winter, the traditional slowing down of Listings, combined with unprecedented demand as the Auckland effect overflows to the regions, is hitting hard on stock levels in Hamilton and the surrounding towns.

The result – rapidly escalating prices, a great time to sell.

You will achieve top price for your property, and with greater competition for listings from Real Estate Companies, you need to ask the question – Compare Commission Rates, and ask what other costs you pay …..

This may be a little difficult if a recent survey we undertook with traditional local Agents is any indication – In all cases, our caller was put through to several people, and with no one seeming to have the authority to give us a rate, finally salespeople, who wanted to meet at the property – reluctantly talked Commission rates and costs….

Here’s a couple of unexpected pearlers that came out….

Salesperson: Well first there’s a Basic fee of $500, then 4%, then 2…    Caller:  Oh, what’s the Basic Fee ?….

Salesperson: Oh it’s like an entrance fee….    Caller: So we have to pay to get in…   S/Person:  Um, yeah….

And this beaut from another…

Caller:  No, I don’t want your team here – I just want to know what it will cost to sell my home, around 500 thou with your Company, your commission rate ?

Ok, well, a base fee of 500, then 4% up to 300, then 2.5, plus gst…. Caller: Oh 2.5 after the 4, most of the others are 2, so why is that?

Salesperson:  Well, we have just opened another office….  Caller:  Oh I should have known, that’s ok then.. Duhhh…

And Negotiate hard – YOU, the Home Seller, are in control !

And on the other side of the Coin, a high percentage of Real Estate Salespeople, both experienced and new to the business, have no listings, and in a Commission only based Industry, some will be wondering where their next sale, and therefore, commission cheque, is coming from.

With now around 350 Salespeople in Hamilton, and growing daily, and around 300 or so active listings in town, I would have thought it just may have crossed the minds of other Business Owners to protect their loyal, experienced salespeople, and prompted a pause in the ever increasing Recruiting Drives aimed at bringing new people into the business, and promising them the earth….

Yeah Right !!!


Netzone Real Estate – 2.5% Fees up to $500,000, 1% thereafter, plus gst – All Marketing Included – Now that’s Fresh…