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Open Homes, do’s and don’ts….

Open Homes, do’s and don’ts….

How to maximise your chance for a quick sale and to gain the best possible price for your property.

What to do for Open Homes

Here are some quick and common sense ideas when your home is open to the public

  • Lock away valuables or take them with you
  • Remove pets where possible
  • Make sure the atmosphere is light and warm
  • Display fresh flowers if possible
  • Add pleasant aromas such as freshly brewed coffee or home baking, a Roast is amazing…

How to handle offers

  • You may either accept the offer as is, reject it, or make changes and sign it back to the purchaser to see if they are willing to accept your changes
  • If you make changes to it, this means you have rejected the original offer and the purchaser is no longer bound by their original offer
  • The buyer has the option to either accept your counter offer or reject it, this process will continue until both parties reach an agreement or the negotiations are terminated.
  • The optimum value is usually achieved within the first 30 days

Advertising options available to you with Netzone

  • Signage, three high profile sizes available
  • Flyers
  • Word of mouth
  • Internet advertising, i.e. Featured Listings on Trademe Property,,, Facebook boosts,  – we live where the buyers are….
  • Open Homes, and more Open Homes
  • All with our compliments and included in our 2.5% Fees…

5 rules about buyers

  • Buyers typically look at 10% below the price range that they eventually buy in
  • Buyers don’t think in terms of a set price; they think in terms of a price range
  • Buyers look at what properties are available, compare them and then decide what is value for money.
  • In general, they will make their best offer when the property first comes on the market

House presentation

  • Have your property looking it’s best at all times
  • A day spent water blasting the exterior adds a fresh, clean feel to the home
  • Be prepared to have your property shown at any time. The prospective buyer who is turned away just may have been the ideal purchaser.
  • Keep the garden neat and tidy. Have shrubs trimmed, gardens weeded and lawns cut.
  • Have your garage tidy and clean – this is a common oversight.
  • Have any broken windows, loose door knobs, leaking plumbing, broken light switches, or sticking doors, etc, fixed before listing your property to ensure a favourable first impression.
  • If you have a dog, keep it out of the house and in a locked, secure area as some people are afraid of dogs, and the doggie smell can be a put off.
  • Ensure the curtains are open wide as it adds a cheerful atmosphere when there is a lot of light coming into a property.
  • A moderate amount of heat adds a feeling of cosiness in cold weather
  • Fresh air is equally as desirable on hot days
  • If decorating is needed, do it if possible, as a home that is ready to move into creates appeal.
  • Clean away the cobwebs
  • Replace old worn out carpet, or remove completely.

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