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Happy 5th Birthday Netzone Real Estate

Happy 5th Birthday Netzone Real Estate


Well here we are, 5 years old and it’s a big “ Happy Birthday to Netzone “

It’s time to reminisce and take a look at our journey along the way from start up in 2014 to now in the Hamilton Real Estate market made up of large traditional Agencies who have for years successfully bullied and ostracised any new entrants to the market in order to maintain their dominant market share, and keep their 4% Commissions and marketing costs, their rivers of cash, flowing in just one direction – to them ….

Here’s just a few of the interesting comments that have been made, not only to vendors of our properties, but also on public media forums by salespeople from several of the local companies…

  1. They won’t be around long enough to sell your home – you’re wasting your time…

Quite a common comment made to vendors by various opposition salespeople who have little or no experience and understanding of the Real Estate Business, their motive, to undermine this new competitor – well here we are, 5 years later and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars saved by our Pioneer vendors who see through these shallow comments and continue to support a move to change and improve an outdated 150 year old model.


  1. Pay Peanuts, you get Monkeys…

A comment made regularly, and just after we commenced business, on our facebook page, by a salesperson from one of Hamiltons’ big 3 companies, and again just a few weeks ago, and also on our Netzone facebook page by a Trainer at one of the big 3 Agencies …. But I suppose, when you think about it, those three companies, with their hundreds of salespeople and resultant dominant market share have the most to lose when change comes a knocking …..

Five years on, and our Boutique Real Estate Agency, with a Team of five experienced Agents have over 120 years of Real Estate experience between us – an average of 24 years each, providing a higher level of experience, expertise, service, and results.

Monkeys? I wonder if the complaining opposition salespeople are getting enough Bananas….


  1. Their fee structure is unsustainable, they will never survive…

A variation of 1 above, and another scare tactic to consumers.

The “ Trainer “ ( referred to in 2. ) also commented on our page that we won’t survive, our fees are too low…  He obviously has no idea of business strategy, types of overheads, and their ratio to business conducted and success achieved.

Our Business model is the complete opposite to their model, where they have fixed overheads such as multiple expensive, flashy offices, fixed newspaper contracts for print advertising, managers for this, managers for that, etc., etc. with their fixed overheads bearing no relationship to their success in the market place.

We however, put our expertise, overheads and costs directly into the sharp end of Real Estate, investing in the marketing of our vendors’ properties, and therefore our major overheads are directly proportional to the properties we take to market and our results.

Netzone is here to stay…. with our 2.5% commission including all marketing…

  1. Good Salespeople will never work for you – they can’t make enough income …

Conjuncting is when one company has a listing, and another company has a buyer, the listing company pays the other company 40% of the commission earned upon a successful sale – but the listing salesperson, the one who does all the hard work in getting the listing of the property, takes a major hit in their pocket and “gifts” 40% to the other agency and salesperson who says – this is my buyer…

This is absolute rubbish, nobody owns buyers, they just look online, find a property and go to open homes.

At Netzone we don’t play their silly conjuncting game. We pay a 10% referral fee only to any opposition salesperson who wishes to introduce a buyer. And that’s it.

This archaic practice of “conjuncting” is just another obsolete part of the old model and another reason why commissions with these companies will remain at the higher 4% level as successful listing salespeople are, in effect, subsidising every Tom, Dick and Harriet – and the Agencies promote it to even out the cash flow through their bloated Team numbers.

In effect, the practice of conjuncting results in a vendor paying two real estate agencies and two salespeople to complete their sale, so they pay a higher fee.

Because we don’t conjunct, Netzone salespeople sell 99% of their own listings, and with our 60% split to salespeople, coupled with our powerful point of difference, ie, 2.5% commission up to $500,000, 1% thereafter with all marketing included, our experienced salespeople list more and sell more, and therefore achieve a greater income, with the added benefit of more personal and customer satisfaction, resulting in referrals, etc.

Can’t make enough income ? – Oh yes we can…



 And on the other hand, there’s the other great, positive, and exciting challenges along the way…


  1. Five years on, and we’re here, we’re in Business, and we’ve saved our vendors Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in fees and add on costs.


  1. We’re building a positive and successful Team, with all of us excited about bringing change to the Real Estate scene and delivering real savings to our clients.


  1. At Netzone, we’ve deleted the “ Corporate Clutter’ – we just list and sell Houses – it’s not Rocket Science.


  1. And most importantly, we love the challenge and the continual thrill of these times of change.


” According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives, nor is it the strongest that survives, but the species that survives is the one that is best able to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.” – Charles Darwin.


So thank you to all our past, present, and future Brave pioneer clients and customers for your commitment to change…

and we look forward to continuing our commitment to the future of change, continued growth, and delivery of fairer fees to Real Estate Consumers.

” Happy Birthday Netzone Real Estate “

Art Rolfe AREINZ


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