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Covid, Panic and Property…

Covid, Panic and Property…

UNITE AGAINST COVID – Yes, we sure did…

Well, who would have thought, here we are in January 2021 and it’s business as usual, well almost… we have a cronic shortage of listings nationally unsurpassed for years.

On the 23rd March 2020, with Covid 19 raging the Earth, and we in NZ head into a four-week full lockdown, with predictions and dire warnings of 80,000 or more possible deaths, Hospitals over run and not able to function – into lockdown we go with Fear and trepidation, and we all fear the worst.

Every financial economist, banking expert, Property and Real Estate Guru, and more, all warned of a catastrophic economic collapse, job losses and Business closures and unemployment levels such as we have never witnessed, and the crashing of stock markets and property values – a time for caution and concern for one and all.

And yet here we are, some ten months later – yes we’ve had our moments, concerns and worries, but really, we in little old NZ have come through this and dealt with the monster that is Covid exceedingly well, although, as I write this there is concern of a community case in Northland, so everything crossed for a non-event…

To sum it all up, contrary to all expectations, with the Government printing billions of dollars and pouring it into the community with little or no thought or control on it’s use, coupled with interest rates at the lowest we have seen in living memory, and a critical scarcity of property for sale – Result, a perfect storm scenario, and the Real Estate Market has gone ballistic, with property value increases of around 12% in the past year alone.

As Agents, we just cannot get enough listings to satisfy the demand for houses and Lifestyle Blocks ….

So where to from here? Well, who knows, it would appear it’s onward and upward,

so let’s go….

If you’re thinking of selling, we desperately need stock to satisfy demand, so call us for a free, no obligation, market Appraisal and a great result with Netzones low commission rate with all marketing included, no base fees or extra add ons.

So please, shop local and let’s have a win/win outcome for all……

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