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NZ Real Estate - The Transition.

NZ Real Estate....

The transition…

October 2022, and after a crazy ride when Covid hit of money printing globally and nationally, record low interest rates fuelling massive property price rises and money seemingly everywhere, we’re now in the midst of global monetary insecurity, inflation running rampant, rising interest rates, declining house prices and rising risks of a Global Recession.

During and after Covid, we enjoyed a popular rise in the “ shop local, support local ”sentiment to support and keep our home grown Businesses and entities healthy, viable and enduring.

Considering the fact that International Real Estate Franchises Syphon nearly 100 Million Dollars out of our NZ Economy and back to their Homelands every single year in the form of Franchise Fees, a real opportunity presents to change and disrupt the Real Estate Industry for the benefit of New Zealand consumers of real estate services.

With the arrival of the world wide webb and the evolution of real estate practice in New Zealand over the past 10 years or so, Real Estate sales can now be conducted more efficiently and successfully with a resultant massive reduction in overheads which can be passed on to the consumer.

The NZ Real Estate model, in a nutshell…

One Central Administration Centre – offices on every street corner – No. Buyers just go to Open Homes.

On Line marketing only – Newsprint, magazines, No. We advertise where the Buyers are -on line.

Franchise Fees skimmed off the top and sent overseas – No. We're a 100% Kiwi Company...

Disruption is coming, one sale at a time, we make massive savings, and we pass those savings on to you…

We’re Local, Independent, we deliver lower, fairer selling costs by around 30% and more to our vendors.

Shop Local, Support Local – NZ Real Estate –